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That’s what you find for your “private label product” !

For technical, cosmetic and medical products, PU-(Polyurethane)-foams, liquid products, special cleaners: for different kinds of applications, basing on our own formulations or according to your individual specifications.

Aluminium or tin cans, pump spraying bottles, plastic canisters – choose from a broad variety of sizes, contents (5 ml up to 1000 ml), variations and types.


One- and two-component PU-foams with excellent insulating and adhesive characteristics as nozzle - or dispenser- formulation. Monomer low foams as an innovative and environmental-friendly variation. 2C-Acoustic-foam-systems for automotive industry.

Technical aerosols

Sprays for maintaining, care, repairing in the area of building, automotive, household, industry and craft, e.g. Silicone spray, Lubricating spray, Colour spray, Adhesive spray, Mounting paste spray, in all current can sizes

Cosmetic products

Filling of aerosol and non-aerosol products, gels, creams and lotions for body care, hair care and hair styling, skin cleaning and skin care, fragrances etc. under consideration of the regulations on cosmetic products

Medical products

Desinfectant, refrigerative and caring sprays, cooling sprays for sports and tattoo studios, compressed gas sprays and care products for dental and other medical equipment

Speciality gas

Different kinds of speciality gases for particular cases

Special products in selected can forms for testing equipment in environmental and climate applications

Special fillings of aerosols for cooling devices


Especially suited for filling of high viscosity pastes, creams, jellylike substances; no changing of the product because of the mechanical separation of the substance - in a flexible bag - from the propellant gas

Liquid products

Cleaner, solvent-based or without labelling obligation, technical and medical products, cosmetic products in different packagings, pump sprays, canisters, barrels

Accessories /

Premium dispensers and foam guns

Multifunction nozzles in different sizes for foam guns

Substitutional spray heads, adaptor caps for pressure plumbers with compressed gas